About Us

Verde Valley Alano Club – About Us

Who We Are

The Verde Valley Alano Club is a non-profit corporation designed for our members to meet and share their experience, strength and hope with each other to support our common concern for people trying to achieve and maintain a life free from the use of alcohol or drugs.

The Verde Valley Alano Club offers the recovering alcoholic and addict a place to go, to take a break and have a cup of coffee with men and women who understand the program and the process of recovery. We come together to find support and to learn about the many other resources available to the recovering alcoholic in our community.

Our goal is to provide a financially self-sustaining facility that promotes a drug and alcohol free environment fostering personal and social growth for the individual and their families.

Alcoholics Anonymous does not finance or lend its name to any outside organization. The Verde Valley Alano Club is an outside organization, separate and distinct from AA, Alanon, or any other 12-step meeting. Each meeting held at the club is conducted by an autonomous group, and each group pays rent to the club to help pay expenses. Membership in the Verde Valley Alano Club is independent of membership in any of the various organizations who use the club’s facilities for their meetings

Our Mission

The purposes of the Verde Valley Alano Club are: (1) to provide a clean and sober environment where people can have fellowship and socialize with one another, and (2) to provide a meeting place of all 12 step programs.

The Verde Valley Alano Club rents space to 12 step groups based on the club’s financial operational needs. All 12 step programs, their families, and others interested in a clean and sober environment for a meeting place or function are welcome.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best facility for all 12-step recovery groups by:

  • Providing a building with a welcoming space
  • Fostering excellent social opportunities that are engaging
  • Operating with a sound organization and funding structure
  • Integrating well with all our community partners

Board of Directors

Chair – Kevin N
Vice Chair – Linn M
Co-Treasurer – Jo Ann U
Co-Treasurer – Ann C
Secretary – Suzi S

For more information, contact us at info@vvalanoclub.org